Where To Buy Investment Properties In Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas has become one of the most popular cities in the United States for real estate investment projects. Our team of hard money lenders Houston will help guide you through where in Houston you should look for your next investment property. Follow our guide to have a better understanding of the fastest growing areas in Houston.

where in houston should you invest

Houston Real Estate Market Trends

Houston has seen one of the largest rises in real estate growth over the past 10 years because of their large population growth and growth in high paying jobs. There are more technology, banking, legal, and high paying companies moving to the Houston area because of their favorable tax rates which means more and more well off individuals are moving to the Houston, Texas area.

This growth in high paying jobs and high paying companies is a great sign that the economy in Houston will continue to grow. The job market and economy is one of the most important things to look at when analyzing a city for your next hard money loan or real estate investment project.

There has been a recent change in the real estate market because of recent hurricanes and storm damage but we believe Houston will continue to grow and evolve within the next 10 years time.

Where To Buy An Investment Property In Houston, TX?

The entire state of Texas is seeing a large growth in real estate and high end residential homes because many wealthy individuals are leaving California because of high tax rates. The city of Houston has seen higher percentages of growth compared to other Texan cities.

Below we will discuss the most popular area in Houston for your next real estate investment project. These are fast growing and high income areas that will be perfect for your next project.

Greater Heights, Houston

Greater Heights is one of the fastest growing areas in Houston because of how close it is to downtown Houston which makes it a great location for those who work in downtown. If you work in downtown or like to shop, dine, or walk around in downtown then Greater Heights is the perfect location.

The proximity to downtown Houston and Highway 10 and I-45 makes it the prefect location. As you may know, the location can drastically increase the final price of a real estate project so it is important to focus on the location of your investment property.

Uptown, Houston

Uptown, Houston is known for its close proximity to many well known private schools such as St. Micheal Catholic School, as well as the Fusion Academy. Parents would love to have a home that is so close to their children’s school and this could be a deal breaker for many future home buyers.

Uptown, Houston is a higher income area because of its location and proximity to Highway 610. With short commutes to the most popular areas in Houston, Uptown is a desired area. This would be a great location for your next real estate project.

River Oaks, Houston

River Oaks is one of the most expensive residential areas in Houston as well as all of Texas. You can expect pay roughly $3,000 a month for just a one bedroom apartment within the River Oaks area. It is known for having great schools, close to downtown Houston, but also incredibly safe.

River oaks overs everything that future Houston home buyers would love to have. We think River Oaks is a great location for your next investment property.

These are the three areas in Houston that we think will be the best location for your next real estate investment property. We recommend you speak to our team to learn more about the hard money loans that we offer.

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