Most Popular Home Builders In Houston

If you are looking to build your own home or repair a home in order to flip it in the Houston, Texas area then it is important to work with the best crew possible. Our team recommends that if you are looking for a fix in flip project that you work with our hard money loans Houston team. With our years of experience providing the Houston, TX area with real estate investment loans we will use our experience to talk about some of the best home builders in Houston.

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The Best Home Builders In Houston

Houston, Texas is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the United States. We believe it is the perfect location for a residential hard money loan, a commercial hard money loan, or even any other type of real estate investment project. The Houston real estate market is on an upward trend and we believe now is the perfect time to get started. Below are a few of the home builders we recommend working with if you are looking to build or fix and flip a home in Houston.

  • Legion Custom Home Builders
  • Liberty Home Builders
  • Aspire Fine Homes
  • KB Home Design Studio
  • Jamestown Estate Homes

Legion Custom Home Builders

Legion Custom Home Builders are one of the leading home building teams in Houston, Texas. The team has been based out of the Houston area for more than 20 years and they have a firm understanding of the area, the regulations, as well as the real estate market in Houston.

We believe that the Legion Home Building team are the best for individuals who are looking to completely remodel or rebuild a home. We have seen the great work they can do when you give them a little bit of freedom to work. We highly recommend that you speak with their team to learn more about what they can do to help you build the home of your dreams or what they can do to repair your next real estate investment project.

Liberty Home Builders

The Liberty Home Builders team has been working in the Houston, TX area for more than 35 years. Their time has a clear understanding of the area and what it takes to build a beautiful home. They have worked with real estate investment projects in the past and the understand what it takes to build a beautiful home that can make their client a profit.

We believe the Liberty Home Builders team is one of the most experienced home builders in the Houston area and they have even since expanded into the San Antonio area. We love the colonial style that have put on a few of their recent homes and we know they will provide you with a great service.

Aspire Fine Homes

Aspire Fine Homes has been in the Houston area for more than 15 years and they are one of the major players who specializes in high end residential homes. They have won countless awards and contests for their custom home builds and we believe their quality stands apart from competitors. They have build amazing homes that range from contemporary styles to farmhouse styles, to everything in between.

Aspire Fine Homes also has a technology division of their business that helps them incorporate the newest smart home technology into their custom home builds. We believe this expertise in technology is one of many factors that makes them one of the best custom home builders on the market.

KB Home Design

KB Home Design Studio might be one of the newer home builders on the market but they have a great understanding of what it takes to build a beautiful home in Houston. They seem to specialize in building smart homes by incorporating the lastest technology but they also develop beautiful backyards with swimming pools. We believe their eye for detail is something that makes them a great fit for the Houston, Texas area.

Jamestown Estate Homes

Jamestown Estate Homes provides the Houston area with affordable but beautifully built homes. They differ slightly from the other home builders on our list because they specialize in providing more affordable home builds. This makes them a better option for the average home builder and those who have a smaller budget.

Jamestown Estate Homes works almost exclusively in a few of the most popular location of Houston such as Houston Heights, Oak Forest, Towne Lake, and other sections of Houston. We love their team of interior designers and believe they can provide an amazing custom home build no matter what the budget is.

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