Mobile Home Loans

A mobile home loan is the perfect option for those who are looking for the capital to purchase a mobile home but can also be used by those who are looking to purchase a mobile home park. Learn more about hard money mobile home loans to see if it is the best type of loan for you.

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What Is A Mobile Home Loan?

A mobile home loan is similar to other forms of real estate loans but it is used specifically for purchasing a mobile home or a mobile home park. It allows individuals the funding they need to purchase a mobile home of their own, but it has been used recently by corporations to purchase mobile home parks. A mobile home loan operates in a similar way as other real estate loans but often times the terms, rates, and process can be slightly different compared to a high end real estate loan.

Since mobiles homes are much cheaper than a standard family home, they typically require less capital to purchase. This makes it easier to find a real estate lender for a mobile home as they will be lending less money compared to financing a large family home. The lower price point makes it easier to find a lender but it is beneficial to work with a hard money lender who specializes in mobile home or manufactured home loans as they have the experience needed to create a better deal for your project.

What Are The Benefits of A Mobile Home Loan?

The main benefit of a mobile home loan is that the individual or corporation are able to receive funding to purchase their mobile home or thier mobile home park. By working with a hard money mobile home lender you will also see other benefits such as incredibly quick closing times, more flexible deals, and a less complicated loan process. We highly recommend working with private real estate lenders as you will be able to secure funding in a matter of days compared to waiting months when you work with a traditional banking institution.

Do I Qualify For A Mobile Home Loan?

If you are interested in receiving a mobile home loan we recommend filling out the form at the bottom of the page or using our apply now page. We offer a free loan quote form in which we will give you a free estimation for your loan quote. Typically a mobile home loan has less strenuous qualifications and requirements compared to a standard real estate loan as it is borrowing less money. This will typically lower the necessary requirements.

We recommend working with a private real estate lender as they are more flexible with who they lend to and don’t have as strict of requirements compared to a standard credit union. A private real estate lender is able to have more freedom with their decision to lend to certain individuals or corporations that a credit union might refuse. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to receive a free loan quote.

Other Types of Private Real Estate Loans

Our network has years of experience working with a wide variety of different private real estate loans. There are different types of loans that a great for different types if projects and ventures. Learn more about other hard money loan types.

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