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Hard Money Property has a network of leading hard money lenders in Houston, Texas. Our network has years of experience providing funding for individuals as well as corporations to work on residential real estate projects as well as provide commercial loans. Our hard money loans utilize the value of the property in order to create a short term loan deal for individuals to receive the capital they need in a matter of days compared to waiting months like from traditional bank loans. Our hard money lenders specialize in providing residents of Houston with fast, and efficient funds so they have the capital they need for their project quickly. Learn more about hard money loans.

houston fix and flip loan
A fix and flip loan deal we funded in Houston, Texas in 2019!

Interested In A Hard Money Loan In Houston?

If you live in Houston, TX and are interested in investing in a real estate project such as a fix and flip property, or even a commercial real estate deal then a hard money loan can get you the capital you need for your deal. Since these loans are from our network of private real estate lenders, there are fewer regulations and background checks in order to get funding. Our lenders will work with you to help you succeed with your real estate property because for our lenders to be successful your deal has to be successful! Hard money loans are a great option for those who have no real estate experience or those who have years of real estate investment experience!

Benefits Of Our Hard Money Lenders Houston

The benefits of working with our team of private hard money lenders in Houston comes down to our experience in the industry. With years of experience offering hard money loans in Houston, Texas we understand what it takes to have a successful loan deal for both parties. This expertise of the industry as well as of the real estate landscape in Houston gives us an advantage to provide the best possible service to our clients.

If you are interested in receiving a fast hard money loan that has the potential to close in just a few days then it is important to reach out to our lending team. Our loan deals can provide you with the funds needed for your next real estate investment project. Our team will help provide the expertise and guidance you may need which makes this a great option for those who are new to real estate investment as well as for those who have years of experience with private real estate loans.

Is Houston A Good City For A Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan in Houston is a great option because of how well the real estate market is doing in the city. Houston, Texas is one of the fastest growing residential real estate markets in the United States. Every year more and more high income families are moving to the Houston area because of the great economy and booming job market. If you are looking for a Houston hard money loan then our network of hard money lenders will help you secure the capital you need. Houston is a great city for real estate investment and our team has years of experience working in the area so we can help guide you through the entire process of a successful real estate project.

Types of Hard Money Loans Our Lenders Offer In Houston

Our Houston, Texas hard money lenders have experience working with a wide variety of different loans types and projects. We have experience working with small home improvement projects but also have experience working with massive commercial real estate deals. Below are a few types of hard money loans that we offer.

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Houston Hard Money Loans Client Testimonials

"Our real estate team recently worked with Hard Money Property's network of Houston hard money lenders and we loved working with them! They know the city of Houston like the back of their hands which made the entire process much easier!"
Kyle R.
"Andrew and the Hard Money Property team made receiving a hard money loan in Houston easier than I ever thought possible! This was my first hard money loan and I was very well taken care of the entire time!"
Kevin S.
"If you are looking for fast capital then Hard Money Property's network of hard money lenders Houston will make the entire process fast and easy! The loan terms were great and we were able to receive capital in just a few days!"
Mike S.

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