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Hard Money Property has a network of leading Baltimore hard money lenders. Our network has experience working with real estate investors who don’t have any experience, as well as working with individuals who have years of experience in real estate investment. If you are in the Baltimore area and are looking for a hard money loan then our experienced lenders will help you receive funding quicker than a traditional banking institution can offer. We have experience working with small residential fix and flip loans as well as working with large commercial projects, no matter the size of your project, our hard money lenders are here to help. Learn more about the hard money loans we offer in Baltimore, Maryland as well as the benefits of working with our network of lenders.

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A fix and flip loan deal we funded in Baltimore, Maryland in 2019!

Interested In A Hard Money Loan In Baltimore?

If you live in Baltimore, MD and are interested in real estate investment opportunities then a hard money loan is a great option. Hard money loans provide access to funding in just a few days compared to traditional real estate loans that can take months to finalize. Our private hard money lenders have much more flexibility in creating favorable deals for both parties and also have more freedom with who they choose to work with. This means if you don’t have much experience with hard money loans or have a bad credit score, it is still possible to receive funding by working with our Baltimore hard money lenders. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to receive a free loan quote on your next project.

Benefits of Our Hard Money Lenders Baltimore

If you are intersted in receiving a hard money loan in Baltimore, MD then our experienced lenders can help guide you through the entire process. Our team has provided loans in Baltimore for over 10 years so we have a firm understanding of the real estate market in the area. This benefit is huge as it allows us to provide better guidance to our clients that other lenders aren’t able to do. Our hard money lenders also have experience providing a wide variety of different types of loans in Maryland. We regularly offer house flipping loans, commercial real estate loans, as well as niche loans such as mobile home loans or cannabis business loans.

Is Baltimore A Good City For A Hard Money Loan?

Baltimore, Maryland is a great city for hard money loans as the real estate market is growing at a tremendous rate. In Baltimore, residential homes are buying and selling very quickly because of low interest rates, a growth in the local job market, and an increased investment in education throughout the city. This growth in the economy has seen great opportunities for hard money loans and fix and flip loans. There are an abundance of older homes that are in great locations within Baltimore that can be renovated for the potential for a huge profit from flipping.

Loans We Offer In Baltimore

In Baltimore, we offer a wide variety of different types of loans. We have experience funding traditional hard money loans, fix and flip loans, commercial loans, and everything in between. No matter what type of loan you would like to receive, or what industry you are working in, our hard money lenders can help you receive the funding that you need for your project to succeed. Below are a few types of hard money loans that we offer in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Baltimore Hard Money Loan Client Testimonials

We received a hard money loan in the Baltimore suburbs back in 2019. Hard Money Property made the entire process easy and we absolutely loved working with them in the Baltimore area!
Adam S.
Hard Money Property was everything we hoped for when we were looking for a hard money lender in Baltimore, MD. Their team walked us through the entire process and we highly recommend them!
Mark K.
If you are looking for a hard money loan in Baltimore then Hard Money Property's network will provide you the capital you need! We loved working with their network of lenders!
Mike S.

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