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If you are looking to start a church, grow a church, or need capital to repair your building then a church loan is a perfect option. A private church loan can help you secure the capital you need to get your church started, or rejuvenated! Learn about our other types of loans to see if any of these hard money loans would be a better option for your project.

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What Is A Church Loan?

A church loan or a religious property loan is a capital loan that helps to fund a religious organization like a church to perform work on their property. A religious property such as a church, temple, religious school, and convents are considered to be commercial real estate so it is common for these pieces of real estate to need funding to rebuild or repair the property. The loan process for a church is very similar to the loan process for any other type of hard money loan. The terms will be flexible and customizable because working with a hard money lender allows much greater freedom compared to working with a traditional banking institution.

Often times churches or other religious organizations will attempt to raise the funds for their property on their own, but this can be difficult. This is where a private real estate lender will help fund the loan for the religious property. The funding could be used for a wide variety of things from minor repairs to building a brand new building.

The most common uses for church loans:

  • Buying land to build a church, or purchasing an existing building.
  • Using the capital to make repairs on the church or to remodel the building.
  • It can be used as a refinancing option when the current loan term ends.
  • Church loans can be used as bridge loans to secure the cashflow needed during tough times or high expense periods in order to keep the church operating.

What Are The Benefits of A Hard Money Church Loan?

A standard church loan can be utilized to purchase a new property or used to remodel the existing property, but a hard money church loan offers funding with benefits that a traditional lender can’t offer. When you work with a traditional banking institution for a loan it can take months to secure the capital because of thorough background checks, credit checks, business plan requirements, and paperwork. But a hard money church loan is working with a private real estate lender who are able to close deals within a matter of days compared to months.

A hard money deal is quicker to close but also offers much better rates on their deals. The deals are flexible so they are able to be customized to better fit the needs of the project. This makes it the perfect option for a church or religious organization that need capital quickly and would like more freedom when finding a funding deal for their property.

Do I Qualify For A Hard Money Church Loan?

By working with a hard money lender it is typically much easier to qualify for funding compared to traditional funding options. Many banks and credit unions will have strict regulations for who can be accepted for funding, but private real estate lenders have more freedom in who they pick to lend to. This makes it a great option for those who are looking for fast funding but also for those who are worried about not qualifying for a traditional church loan with a bank.

Each hard money lender is slightly different with the qualifications and requirements they look for when making deals. We recommend that you fill out the form at the bottom of this page or go to our apply now page to get a free loan quote.

Other Types of Private Real Estate Loans

If you are looking for a private real estate loan but don’t know if a church loan is the right loan for you, then check out the other types of loans we offer.

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