AirBnB Rental Property Loans

A rental property loan is a great option for those who are looking for capital to purchase a residential property for the sole purpose of renting it out on popular housing rental websites such as AirBnB or VRBO. These short term rental websites have become incredibly popular in recent years which has opened the door for opportunities for real estate investors. Learn more about rental property loans and Airbnb loans to see if it is the right type of loan for your next project.

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What Is A Rental Property Loans

A rental property loan is a form of funding that is used specifically for rental properties. This gives individuals as well as corporations the opportunity to secure funding to purchase or repair a vacation rental property. With the rise in popularity of short term rental websites such as AirBnB, VRBO, and other sites, the rental vacation space has exploded with opportunity for real estate investors. Our private hard money lenders have experience providing loans for rental properties across the country.

If you are looking to purchase a propery with the goal of turning it into a rental property then a rental property loan is a great option. This will help you secure the funding you need to purchase or renovate your new vacation rental property. By working with a hard money lender you will be able to secure capital much quicker than would be possible if you decided to work with a traditional banking institution.

Benefits of A Hard Money Rental Property Loan?

Hard money lenders are private real estate lenders who have more flexibility in the rates and deals they make when compared to traditional banking institutions. Tradional banks are stuck in their flexibility because of the regulations in place, but private real estate lenders have much more freedom in the deals they make. This makes it great for rental property loans as the deal can be customized to fit the needs of both parties. Below are a few of the benefits of hard money rental property loans.

  • Rental loans can give investors access to quick capital needed to purchase a property.
  • A private real estate lender can make the deals flexible and customizable for each project.
  • Hard money lenders have less regulations compared to working with a credit union.

Do I Qualify For A Rental Property Loan or an Airbnb Loan?

If you are curious if you qualify for a rental property loan then we recommend that you fill out the form at the bottom of the page to receive a free loan quote. Typically rental property loans are easier to qualify for compared to hard money commercial loans as rental loans are for residential properties. By working with a hard money lender you will typically have a higher qualification rate as they don’t have as high of regulations compared to traditional credit unions. 

Rental properties are a great real estate investment option for those who are new with real estate as well as those who have years of experience working with real estate. As these are residential properties the total capital required is typically lower than what is needed for other types of investment properties.

Best Location For Airbnb Loans

If you are thinking about receiving a hard money Airbnb Loan then location if one of the most important things you must decide on. You have to choose a location that has a high population of tourists and a location that is in high demand. Otherwise, you wont be able to generate consistent customers to rent your property. Common locations for Airbnb loans are popular beach destinations, locations near downtown cities, near popular event spaces and theme parks, as well as other locations.

It is up to you to figure out the best location for your hard money rental property loan but our team can assist you in this process. Often times it is beneficial to choose a location that is close enough to where you live so that you can help ensure your rental property is up to standards. But the location may vary depending on where you currently live. A few of the most popular locations for Airbnb loans are Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, Panama City Beach, Myrtle Beach, and more.

Make Your Rental Cost Effective

After you have purchased your rental property it is important to take a look at options to make your rental property more cost effective. You must lower all of your monthly expenses as much as possible in order to maximize monthly profit. A great way to reduce monthly electricity bills is to switch to solar power. Solar power installer Ping Solar says that “Solar Panels can install solar panels on your rental property within a few days and help to reduce or completely eliminate your monthly electricity costs.” Solar power can help you save money on monthly utility bills but it also has many other benefits.

Having solar panels can also increase the valuation of your home which makes it a great investment if you ever think about selling your rental property. Solar will also reduce your negative footprint or impact on the environment.

Tips For A Successful Airbnb Rental Loan

In order to have a successful rental property loan, there are a few things you must be prepared to do. The first is to pick the best location possible for your rental property. Location is by far the most important factor as this has a direct impact on how many renters will see your rental property. If your rental property is in a small population town that doesn’t have much tourism, then you won’t get much business. This is why we always recommend purchasing a Airbnb rental property in or near a popular area.

After you have your location decided, it is important to make sure your rental property has the amenties that customers are looking for. Often times this will require some maintenance or construction to the rental property you just purchased. Our team can help provide the capital needed to purchase the rental property but also the capital to finance the construction needed. We highly recommend focusing on renovating the master bedroom, master bathroom, and kitchen as these are the three most popular complaints for Airbnb customers.

Once your rental property is build and ready to be rented it is important to focus on customer reviews. Customer reviews is how Airbnb decides which properties to show to users. If you are able to accumulate more 5 star reviews then your competitors, you will receive more consistent renters for your rental property.

Other Types of Private Real Estate Loans We Offer

Our network of hard money lenders have years of experience working with a wide variety of different types of loans. If you are interested in learning more then please check out a few of the other types of loans we offer.

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