Types of Hard Money Loans We Offer

Private Real Estate Loans We Offer

The real estate lending professionals at Hard Money Property have years of experience offereing a variety of different types of loans to our clients. The types of loan vary depending on the specific needs of the client but all of our deals offer fast closing times and low rates. Our private funds have a better price, are more customizable, and are closed faster than a traditional bank loan. Learn about the different types of hard money loans we offer.

Our team will provide a hard money loan to those who are looking for quick capital to purchase a commercial property. Since the funds come from private lenders, the capital will come quicker and with lower rates so you have the capital you need for your project.

A fix and flip loan, also called house flipping loans are perfect for those who are looking for short-term capital to purchase a home and then quickly fix and sell the home for a profit. Our team will get you the capital you need to fix and flip a home quicker than what a traditional bank loan can offer you.

If you are an individual or a corportation who are looking for capital to purchase or rebuild a commercial property then our commercial loans will provide you with access to quick capital that you need to purchase and improve the quality of your commercial property.

A bridge loan is the perfect loan type for those who are in need of capital to keep their project running before permanent funding is secured. A bridge loan will help you secure the cash flow you need without any issues.

If you are looking to start a church, or are looking for private funding to help rebuild or improve your church then this a great option for your organization. We will get you the capital you need to grow, build, or establish you church or religious establishment.

If you are in the cannabis industry or are looking to start up a cannabis based business, then our private capital lenders can help you get the cash you need to start, grow, or rebuild your business in no time! Read about the how we can help your business.

If you are looking for a private mobile home loan or need the capital it takes to build a complete mobile home park then our private lenders can help. Learn more about our mobile home loans and how quickly we can help you with your project.

A private land loan is a great option for those who are looking to start a commercial or residential project. A land loan will help you get the capital you need to secure the land you need to begin building your project without and hesitations.

A residential hard money rehab loan is great for individuals who are looking to rehab or remodel a residential property. It provides fast closing times, flexible deal structures, and lower requirements compared to more traditional lending methods such as banks.

An AirBnb loan is a great option for individuals or corporations who are looking to build a rental property but need capital to secure the building or need capital to fix up the house. Learn more about AirBnb and rental property loans.

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