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The Hard Money Property network is here to provide you with fast access hard money loans, bridge loans, commercial loans, fix and flip loans, and more. Our team are the trusted hard money lender with connections all across the United States. Fill out the form to get a free loan quote.

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About Hard Money Lenders

Helping You Secure Private Real Estate Capital

Our team has years of experience helping you secure private real estate capital for your projects. We help you find a type of hard money loan deal that works for your needs as well as make sure you are able to close the deal faster than any bank possible. Our private capital will provide you with the funds you need with low rates and faster closing time then is possible with standard real estate loans. Find a hard money lender near you as we offer hard money loans in every city across the United States!

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Hard Money Loans We Offer

Our network specializes in providing a variety of different hard money loan types to individuals and corporations with better rates and closing time than traditional bank loans.

Receive capital quickly from our private real estate lenders with low rates and fast closing times.

Receive the capital needed to purchase a home in order to fix it up before flipping it for a profit.

Receive the capital needed to cover the expenses required to build your commercial property.

Receive a short term loan that is needed to cover expenses before a permanent loan is finalized.

Receive a short term loan to purchase, repair, or modify a church or religious property.

Receive the capital needed to fund a business in the cannabis or CBD oil industry.

Receive the capital needed to purchase, repair, or modify a mobile home or a mobile home park.

Receive the funding needed to purchase raw land, vacant land, or other land needed for a project.